The Work of Sarah Schlesinger


Sarah Elizabeth Schlesinger is a New Jersey native, born in Bergen County and raised in Sussex County.  At an early age, she won the New Jersey Governer's Award for Visual Arts, then went on to attend Pratt at Munson-Williams-Proctor and Pratt Institute Brooklyn where she majored in Drawing.  In 2008, she graduated with high honors at the top of her class.  Since graduating, she's kept busy with her own creative endeavors, and held a variety of jobs in the art field.  Most recently, she held the position of Creative Director at Sylvia Weinstock Cakes, which inspired her to open her own cake design business at the end of 2017.  For more information on the edible side of her business, go to  She is available for freelance projects involving edible and non-edible sculpture, as well as illustration and graphic work.  Sarah lives in Brooklyn, NY.